If you can’t tell by now, at LAV we’re all about having fun. We think life is too short to take seriously all the time. It’s also too short not to wear awesome clothes. That’s why we took time away from tagging our friends in countless internet memes to create our awesome brand. Consider it a gift from the gods.

We’ll admit it, our apparel isn’t for everyone. If you mind people stopping you on the street or DM’ing you on Instagram to ask where you got such an awesome shirt, then you should probably shop elsewhere. The slogans on our shirts, tank tops, and hats are intended to turn heads and make a statement. Simply put, we’re here for the people who don’t mind being a little edgy for the sake of humor.

If you’re like us, then you probably enjoy keeping up with fashion trends as well as pop culture. That’s why we designed our clothing to combine the trendy street style look with our favorite music lyrics, slogans, and internet slang words found in social media and hit songs. At, we strive to create apparel that people can relate too. Looking for an awesome shirt to wear at an upcoming concert? Check out our collection of Hip Hop Lyrics Shirts. Want a funny tank to rock on next weekend’s booze cruise? Browse our collection of humorous tank tops. Need a hat to throw on when you’re heading to brunch with the world’s worst hangover? Take a peek at our line of dad hats.

Whatever your needs may be, take a look around our site. We feel confident that you’ll find at least one shirt that you think looks cool. Or else a shirt that would make a funny gift for your friend’s upcoming birthday bash. Most of our orders ship within 3-5 business days, so if you’re shopping from the United States you can expect to have your epic apparel within a week. For international orders, you can expect for your products to arrive within two.

So go ahead and F Up Some Commas by buying like 100 of our shirts. We know you want to look LAV. You smart. You loyal. You a genius. We appreciate that.

- Team at LAV